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Rachel Tsang Joins SSG as Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare


SSG is thrilled to welcome Rachel Tsang as the newest addition to its team, stepping into the role of Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare.

With over a decade of extensive experience in international channel sales management within the healthcare sector, Rachel Tsang brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position. Her specialised skills in strategic planning and problem-solving have consistently driven outstanding results, demonstrating the capability to double or triple sales revenue in key markets within a remarkably short timeframe.

In her role as Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare, Tsang will focus on developing and executing strategic initiatives tailored for export markets. Her responsibilities include advancing commercial excellence and leading the expansion of SSG’s global presence within the healthcare industry.

“I am truly excited to embark on this journey with SSG and contribute my expertise to drive growth in the international healthcare sector,” says Rachel. “I am particularly looking forward to collaborating with the talented individuals within the organisation.”

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Rachel Tsang as Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare at SSG.

Wombourne To Oman


Exciting news! The skilled hands of our SSG production team have been working on our Acelo Nurse Call Systems over the past few months.  In March, our Acelo Nurse Call Systems were sent to Oman. It has been an incredible journey, and we are proud to announce that we have successfully shipped over 40 nurse station consoles, 450 staff and patient panels, and 600 patient hand units. These systems were installed in The Royal Hospital in Oman. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this possible! Want to know more head over to our international website to learn more about Acelo. Our nurse call system specially designed for our export markets ACELO Nurse Call System – Static Systems Group | Nurse call, healthcare alarms, fire alarms and custodial alarms

NHS Innovation Commissioners visit out Tech Centre


Health System leaders from across the NHS joined us for a roundtable discussion on how we can put healthcare workers at the heart of digital change.

The meeting was chaired by Innovation Commissioners Professor Mike Bewick and Ann Keen, and we were joined by people from the New Hospital Programme, Chief Information Officers, Directors of IT and Digital, and Chief Medical Officers. Many of whom were based in the West Midlands area.

The group made good use of the new white board walls in the SSG Conference Room to plan an effective implementation pathway for new digital solutions. This action plan took account of their collective insight on the challenges and potential solutions, derived from their diverse fields of expertise.

The meeting was recorded and a report will be published very soon. This will help others plan a successful digital implementation. Watch this space for more exciting news on this.

SSG Strengthens Its Team with the Addition of Two Accomplished Account Managers


SSG is delighted to introduce two new team members, Paul Sanders and Steve Archer, who will play pivotal roles in strengthening client relations and expanding our healthcare solutions.

Paul, will be overseeing vital regions, including the Southwest of England and Southern Wales. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge across the supply chain.

“One of the famous quotes that always sticks in my mind is “The only impossible journey in life is the one you never start” my journey has just started with SSG and it’s an exciting one, the company started its journey over 60 years ago delivering solutions to connect people and systems to provide a safer environment for both patients and staff and I am delighted to be joining that journey now to help deliver this in the very best way possible.” – Paul Sanders

Steve Archer joins SSG with a wealth of healthcare experience in Sales, Account Management and Project Management to support our healthcare accounts from Wiltshire to West London, to the South Coast.

“I’m looking forward to helping clinical teams get the best solution, so they can work efficiently and give patients the care they need, when the need it.” – Steve Acher

With their experience and commitment, they enhance our ability to deliver innovative healthcare technology solutions to a broader range of healthcare providers, furthering our mission to improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency.

Using antimicrobial additives in our nurse call systems to reduce the level of microbes in clinical environments


To support our Healthcare customers in the fight against healthcare associated infections, at the point of production, SSG incorporates an antimicrobial agent Polygiene BioMaster™ into the touch surfaces of our nurse call systems.

Based on silver ion technology, Polygiene BioMaster™ provides round-the-clock product protection from harmful microorganisms such as MRSA and E.coli. This passive environmental hygiene is a useful line of defence as it inhibits the growth of microbes on treated surfaces, between moments of active environmental hygiene.

Matt Clutton, Product Manager at SSG (Static Systems Group) said: “The addition of Polygiene BioMaster™ into our hand units and toilet pulls helps to keep patients and clinical teams safe by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes on the product, for the entire lifespan of the product.”

The silver ions enter the cell through its outer layer, block the enzymes, preventing the cell from generating energy, and disrupt its DNA, thereby removing its ability to split and replicate.

A clinical swab of surfaces within a silver-treated clinical area revealed a reduction of 92.6% in bacterial load*. A clean environment benefits both patients and staff in areas where good hygiene levels are crucial for clean, safe care.

* Source JIP Reduction of bacterial contamination in a healthcare environment by silver antimicrobial technology – September 2008

SSG at Healthcare Estates: A Blend of Innovation and Mental Health Awareness


It was great to be back at Healthcare Estates event on the 10th and 11th of October. This year SSG focused on not just healthcare innovations but also promoted Mental Health Awareness by giving our visitors heart-shaped stress balls.

Alongside our Mental Health promotion, there were multiple engaging demos taking place. Our dedicated Account Managers provided in-depth insights into how our solutions optimise critical alarms in healthcare. The audience had the opportunity to see how our innovative solutions can significantly impact patient care and streamline critical alarm management.

Events like these are not only about showcasing our latest innovations but also about raising awareness about topics that truly matter, like Mental Health. We’re excited to continue making a difference in healthcare. See you next year!

SSG Introduces Fusion Software at HETT Show September 2023


At the HETT Show, SSG presented its Fusion Software Solution. This innovative software is designed to streamline the management of critical alarms in healthcare settings, ultimately enhancing patient care.

Our dedicated team were on our stand to demonstrate the capabilities of Fusion. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand. The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the digital healthcare community, gain valuable connections, insights, and participating in meaningful discussions.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting at HETT in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from SSG!

Find out more about our Fusion Software Solutions via – Integration Solutions: Fusion Lnx – Static Systems Group | Nurse call, healthcare alarms, fire alarms and custodial alarms

SSG unveil ACELO, a revolutionary IP Nurse Call system


First-in-class, non-disruptive, pre-programmed, no-downtime, optimal hospital IP communications package is launched in export markets to help hospitals cope with unprecedented pressures and more effectively future proof their service and care. ACELO incorporates the latest distributed intelligence technology, providing a robust, secure, critical alarm communications platform with advanced analytics.

ACELO is a “plug and play” nurse call solution specifically engineered to deliver timely and effective communication, enabling healthcare providers to deliver prompt, personalised, and efficient responses to patient needs.

Designed during the COVID pandemic to revolutionise the delivery of compassionate patient care while maximising infection control, ACELO uses cutting edge, two-way speech-based communications technology to provide instant, touch-button reassurance for patients, as well as maximising staff efficiency, in hospitals, clinics, and longer-term care facilities.

ACELO provides a unique, proprietary, layer of advanced analytics capabilities, enabling the monitoring of patient call patterns, staff response times, and other key metrics to perfect patient care while increasing staff efficiency, allowing managers to make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.

Installation time and serviceability are optimised, giving users the guarantee of low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while maintaining the highest levels of equipment uptime. ACELO is robust and resilient, delivering unparalleled performance by offering scalable versatility to meet the rapidly changing needs of digitally enabled hospitals. LAN connectivity allows peer to peer communications, so all nurse call devices are interconnected, and patients and health caregivers are directly connected via voice calls.

This seamless integration with existing hospital infrastructure provides a scalable architecture that ensures compatibility with future technological advancements and safeguards healthcare facilities’ long-term investment.

By deploying the SSG ACELO Nurse Call System, healthcare providers can expect transformative benefits, such as enhanced patient safety, improved staff productivity, and streamlined care coordination. The system’s advanced features not only facilitate faster response times but also contribute to a more patient-centred and efficient healthcare environment.

SSG at IHEEM Wales Event


SSG recently exhibited at the IHEEM Wales Regional Conference, Exhibition, and Gala Awards. Our Head of Sales, Stuart Guest and Account Manager, Matt Thompson had a great two days reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new companies in the healthcare sector.

The event focused on important topics such as Net Zero carbon buildings, infrastructure compliance, modernisation, workforce development, and future healthcare delivery.

We’re now excitedly preparing for our next event, HETT in September. Stay tuned for updates and learn more about HETT 2023 at News & Events – Static System Group | Nurse call, healthcare alarms, fire alarms and custodial alarms (

SSG’s Inspiring Kick Off Meeting for a Successful Year Ahead


At SSG, we believe that a strong company culture plays a vital role in our success. It allows us to come together as a cohesive team, share our achievements, and align our focus for the future. In April, we had the pleasure of celebrating our accomplishments from the previous year and launching our new financial year in style at The Cube in Birmingham.

The two days were packed with inspiring and motivating presentations. it was a great reminder of the importance of teamwork and the value of being connected.

Our Commercial Director, Gareth Walsh, said “It’s great to have everyone together to celebrate the teams’ achievements and ensure we have the collective focus on our priorities for the year ahead. Everyone is passionate about making patients feel safe and this remains central to everything that we do.”

We are excited to share more exciting company news and upcoming events for 2023, as we continue our mission to deliver innovative solutions that enhance patient care and improve healthcare environments.

If you want to be part of the SSG team don’t forget to check out our careers page – Work with Us – Static System Group | Nurse call, healthcare alarms, fire alarms and custodial alarms (