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Using antimicrobial additives in our nurse call systems to reduce the level of microbes in clinical environments


To support our Healthcare customers in the fight against healthcare associated infections, at the point of production, SSG incorporates an antimicrobial agent Polygiene BioMaster™ into the touch surfaces of our nurse call systems.

Based on silver ion technology, Polygiene BioMaster™ provides round-the-clock product protection from harmful microorganisms such as MRSA and E.coli. This passive environmental hygiene is a useful line of defence as it inhibits the growth of microbes on treated surfaces, between moments of active environmental hygiene.

Matt Clutton, Product Manager at SSG (Static Systems Group) said: “The addition of Polygiene BioMaster™ into our hand units and toilet pulls helps to keep patients and clinical teams safe by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes on the product, for the entire lifespan of the product.”

The silver ions enter the cell through its outer layer, block the enzymes, preventing the cell from generating energy, and disrupt its DNA, thereby removing its ability to split and replicate.

A clinical swab of surfaces within a silver-treated clinical area revealed a reduction of 92.6% in bacterial load*. A clean environment benefits both patients and staff in areas where good hygiene levels are crucial for clean, safe care.

* Source JIP Reduction of bacterial contamination in a healthcare environment by silver antimicrobial technology – September 2008

Spike Armstrong Joins SSG as Part of Halma Future Leaders Development Programme

  SSG is delighted to introduce our Associate Product Manager, Spike Armstrong, who has recently become a part of our team through the Halma Future Leaders Development Programme. This programme allows graduates to work alongside professionals from around the world on technology that is dedicated to building a safer, cleaner, and healthier future for all….

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NHS Innovation Commissioners visit out Tech Centre

  Health System leaders from across the NHS joined us for a roundtable discussion on how we can put healthcare workers at the heart of digital change. The meeting was chaired by Innovation Commissioners Professor Mike Bewick and Ann Keen, and we were joined by people from the New Hospital Programme, Chief Information Officers, Directors…

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SSG Strengthens Its Team with the Addition of Two Accomplished Account Managers

  SSG is delighted to introduce two new team members, Paul Sanders and Steve Archer, who will play pivotal roles in strengthening client relations and expanding our healthcare solutions. Paul, will be overseeing vital regions, including the Southwest of England and Southern Wales. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Paul brings a wealth…

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