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Staff Attack Alarms

Staff Attack Alarms

Protection in the workplace
Aggression towards staff is an increasing reality for those working in healthcare environments.

SSG’s Staff attack alarm system is designed to provide a discreet, simple and reliable means for staff to call for help in the event of an incident.

Staff wear a mobile fob, which when pulled, activates an alert that is transmitted to key staff members on a range of devices such as smartphones, pagers and tablets.

The alert provides real-time location of the staff member allowing colleagues to locate them and aid.
Cases of aggression and abuse towards staff have risen at many local NHS organisations since 2020, with incidents up by 17% at one local hospital trust and 38% at the region's ambulance provider. GP practices and community healthcare services are also reporting higher levels of abusive behaviour.1
key features
  • Provides two levels of call – ‘attack’ and ‘assistance’.
  • Excellent system response time from call initiation to indication.
  • Optional ‘Addressable’ staff transmitters for named identification of personnel.
  • Continual real-time location tracking once activated.
  • Compatible with SSG’s Fusion Healthcare Platform to provide fully integrated facilities such as:
    • Nurse Call
    • Mobile devices including smartphones and pagers
    • Follow-the-light over door LEDs
    • Event logging and data analytics
  • Simple on-screen re-configuration of many facilities.
Staff Attack Product Leaflet
Staff Attack Product Leaflet