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SSG To enable better healthcare

Where Care Meets Tech

To enable better care by connecting
caregivers, vulnerable individuals and
systems through smart communication
a Halma company


Here you’ll gain valuable insights into how we listen to your needs, design bespoke solutions, manufacture with precision, and provide ongoing support to ensure your peace of mind every step of the way.

We listen to our customers’ problems and our experts build tailored hardware and software solutions to address their needs. With extensive experience in complex healthcare and custodial environments, we are well-versed in the regulations governing our products and services.
Our customers can trust us to mitigate risks and provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring they don’t encounter any unwanted surprises later in the process.

For every unique customer project, from smaller-scale undertakings to major new hospital constructions, we painstakingly plan and design the ideal system for the specific environment in which it will operate. Our specialisation in complex healthcare and custodial settings ensures that we deliver bespoke solutions that meet the nuanced needs of these environments.

Our in-house Product Development teams meticulously design our products, craft our software, and rigorously test and validate the systems. By drawing on insights directly from our customers, we guide the development of new products to precisely meet their evolving requirements.

We manufacture our equipment right here in the UK, in the same location as our Product Development team. This arrangement ensures a seamless interaction across all segments of SSG, facilitating a swift and efficient service, and enabling us to quickly address any issues as they arise.

Our team of Installation Engineers are acutely aware of the contextual dynamics of the environments in which they operate, recognising their integral role within broader construction projects. This awareness ensures that installations are not only efficient but also aligned with the overarching project timelines and quality standards, reducing the likelihood of delays and discrepancies during critical phases of construction.

Our Commissioning Engineers are specialists in systems, dedicated to ensuring that each installed system fulfils the specific requirements of our customers. Leveraging their vast experience with similar systems, they are poised to offer expert advice and draw on the collective expertise within our organisation as necessary.

Our Field Engineers are committed to swiftly resolving any issues with our equipment. As the original manufacturers, we possess unparalleled knowledge to diagnose and rectify problems, with comprehensive access to both current and historical fault logs. By collaborating closely with our customers, we pinpoint the root causes of issues and implement strategic preventative measures to minimise future emergency interventions. Additionally, our SSG Service Care plans provide attractive discounts on call-outs and spare parts.

Our Field Engineers execute a thorough planned preventative maintenance schedule to ensure the sustained reliability of our equipment. As the original manufacturers, we are uniquely equipped to understand the optimum maintenance practices for our products and recommend essential modifications when needed.

latest news
Rachel Tsang Joins SSG as Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare

  SSG is thrilled to welcome Rachel Tsang as the newest addition to its team, stepping into the role of Business Unit Manager – International Healthcare. With over a decade of extensive experience in international channel sales management within the healthcare sector, Rachel Tsang brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position….

Wombourne To Oman

  Exciting news! The skilled hands of our SSG production team have been working on our Acelo Nurse Call Systems over the past few months.  In March, our Acelo Nurse Call Systems were sent to Oman. It has been an incredible journey, and we are proud to announce that we have successfully shipped over 40…

NHS Innovation Commissioners visit out Tech Centre

  Health System leaders from across the NHS joined us for a roundtable discussion on how we can put healthcare workers at the heart of digital change. The meeting was chaired by Innovation Commissioners Professor Mike Bewick and Ann Keen, and we were joined by people from the New Hospital Programme, Chief Information Officers, Directors…

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