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Medical Bed Head Trunking

Bedhead Services Trunking

Seamless solutions, expertly engineered
The patient bed space has a significant impact upon the patient experience and delivery of care. Bedhead Services Trunking is an essential component of the patient bed space; the fixed installation contains all the facilities needed for patients and/or staff to perform clinical and non-clinical functions.

Our Bedhead Services Trunking meets all standard requirements and has been designed with build efficiency and ease of installation in mind - making it the ideal solution for schemes utilising the principles of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Our team of specialist bedhead design engineers have extensive experience of working with project managers to design optimum solutions for installations, providing drawings in AutoCad, Solid Works and BIM.

Build and visualise your new Bedhead Services Trunking with our new Configurator .

SSG’s Bedhead Services Trunking Configurator facilitates the design, visualisation, and planning of your Bedhead Services Trunking solution. This new service enables our Account Managers to work with you to build and visualise a Bedhead Services Trunking design and easily try out your ideas and implement your vision. This tool will speed up the design stage and reduce the lead time by up to 60% by providing you with a Design Approval Document for internal sign off.

The Configurator holds over 150 possible parts, so we can quickly design, build and deliver a large range of standard trunking solutions in a range of heights or widths; whether vertical or horizontal.

We continue to support a more bespoke approach, for those areas where a standard approach is not possible, or not wanted.

Vertical Bedhead Services Trunking

This is designed to work in locations where the constructional arrangements of the facility do not encourage the use of a horizontal system.
Horizontal Bedhead Services Trunking

This has the benefit of accessibility from both sides of the bed. It is easy to modify the required positions of the bedhead service equipment, making it particularly useful where the type of nursing may change with time.
Our Horizontal Bedhead Services Trunking is available in a single-tier or multi-tier format to accommodate the desired range of services required.
Bedhead Services Trunking Catalogue