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Custodial Alarms

Custodial Alarms

SSG designs fire systems and provides general alarms for the custodial sector, with an uncompromising focus on staff and inmate safety and wellbeing
Custodial Fire Alarms
Fire systems that protect lives and property

With the high risk to life associated with locked-in occupants, a well thought-out and planned fire system is essential. SSG has an established project portfolio in this specialist area.

Our systems are designed to maintain life safety by containing fire at its starting point, allowing staff to:

  • Remove the occupant of a cell on fire before conditions of access to the cell become hazardous.
  • Evacuate inmates from adjacent cells prior to smoke inhalation.
  • Attack the fire whilst in a less aggressive state.
  • Prevent spread of the fire, smoke and heat beyond the immediate area through integration with EvoMist™, our high-pressure water mist fire suppression solution.
Inmate Cell Call Systems
Supporting communication and wellbeing

Depending on a prisoner’s daily schedule, many hours can be spent confined to their cell. A cell call system – provided with or without speech functionality – provides a means of communication between inmates and officer.

Such a system can help improve wellbeing by reducing the occurrence of psychological issues such as panic attacks, anguish and depression.

Prison Guard Safety Alarms
Improving safety in a hazardous workplace

Custodial officers are exposed to unique workplace hazards within a controlled prison environment.

Providing a general alarm system is one of several of safety measures that can reduce risk and provide assistance to officers in danger.

Such systems help officers to:

  • Call for assistance
  • Create an early site-wide alert
  • Create a safer environment