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We're supporting 'elephant pumps' in Africa

We’re supporting ‘elephant pumps’ in Africa

By investing in an AquAid water cooler system for our Wombourne headquarters, we have directly supported the installation of a new water well in Africa. For each water cooler sold, the supplier AquAid donates a portion of sales to the Africa Trust, a charity which installs water wells.

The water wells, which are affectionately referred to as ‘Elephant Pumps’, are a modified version of a water pump based on an age-old Chinese rope pulley system. The pump is built by an experienced member of the Africa Trust in conjunction with the community that the pump will serve. The community is then taught how to work the pump and how to repair it using local materials and parts. The sustainability of these pumps ensures their longevity – one pump can supply drinking water to a community for decades.

Jennie Terry, Marketing Manager at Static Systems, comments: “Studies show that good hydration contributes to workers’ health and safety and general well-being, and that even mild levels of dehydration can adversely affect both physical and mental performance. With these considerations in mind and wishing to encourage more fluid intake, we decided to install a number of mains-fed water dispensers around our offices and manufacturing facility.

“We chose AquAid as our supplier as through them we could help to provide safe drinking water to one of the poorest communities in Africa. Our pump is bringing much-needed clean, fresh drinking water and improving the quality of life of those who will have access to the well. We recently received a thank you letter from pupils of the local school where our pump was installed and it’s wonderful to hear that our small contribution is making such a different to their community.”

Through its charity partnership, AquAid has donated more than £6 million to the Africa Trust, resulting in more than 1.3 million people being supplied with safe drinking water.

About AquAid

Over the last two decades AquAid have donated a percentage of their revenue from the sale of their products to bring water to over 2 million people in water scarce regions throughout Africa. Through these initiatives, they have been able to donate over £15,000,000 to charity.

You can find out more about AquAid and the charities they support at

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