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Aspire SmartSync® Wireless Nurse Call

Aspire SmartSync® is everything you would expect from the UK's leading nurse call provider. It's a quality product at a competitive price. A front-runner with a proven track record.

It’s scalable in the true sense of the word. As happy working in a care home environment as an acute hospital ward.

The most basic standalone system can grow to include the features expected of a comprehensive 'wired' solution.

A number of remarkable features are included as part of every system. Market-leading innovations that improve installation efficiency and enhance reliability.

Aspire SmartSync® systems can work standalone, but they also share a common platform with Ultima™ and Codemlon™ systems, which is also shared with our extensive range of advanced safety, well-being and task management solutions.

Enterprise-wide Communication

At a glance:-

Market-leading reliability

Straightforward installation

Cost- competitive

Ease of use

Extended warranties as standard

Ideally suited for

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