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New 'Wired' Nurse Call for Covid-19 Outbreak

New ‘Wired’ Nurse Call for Covid-19 Outbreak

Static Systems Group introduces Ultima Lite™, a full-IP nurse call solution in a box to support trusts during Covid-19 outbreak.

To help support trusts that are quickly expanding care facilities to treat Covid-19 patients, Static Systems Group (SSG) has invested in the rapid development of a new ‘wired’, full-IP and open protocol nurse call solution. Ultima Lite™ comes supplied as a complete system in a box and serves up to 30 patient beds.

Chris Turner, Commercial Director at SSG comments: “These are unprecedented and extremely difficult times for the NHS. SSG has worked in partnership with the UK healthcare sector for almost 60 years, but never before have we witnessed such high demand for temporary and emergency ‘out-of-the-box’ hospital communication systems.

“With our extensive experience and industry-leading in-house engineering teams, we have rapidly developed a robust and cost-effective, off-the-shelf nurse call solution to meet the demands of this challenging period. With more and more trusts looking to recommission previously mothballed hospital wards, extend existing ward capacity and build entirely new hospitals, demand for this type of solution is, sadly, only expected to rise.”

Ultima Lite™ works by using industry-standard IP LAN networks as its communications platform, which means that power and data are both delivered along a single point-to-point cable. This makes it ideal for the rapid deployment of standalone applications and as an extension to an existing nurse call installation where the reliability of a wired system with standard nurse call functionality is required in a hurry.

VoIP Speech providing intercom functionality can be added for increased patient and staff isolation, along with extra call points, staff indicators and enhanced workflow functionality.

To assist in reducing the occurrence of cross infection between users of the system, patient hand units and all buttons on equipment plates have a silver-based antimicrobial agent incorporated during the manufacturing process which will remain active for the life-time of the product.

Additional benefits include market-leading resilience and reliability, ease of use, and extended warranties provided as standard.

Turner concludes: “Ultima Lite™ sits alongside our popular SmartSync Lite™ ‘wireless’ solution and gives trusts a choice of emergency call system that best meets the technology requirements of each individual application. Where trusts require additional guidance and support at this time our team of account managers – assisted by our technical teams – are available to help. We can also provide installation services and telephone technical support.”

For further information visit product overview or e-mail:

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