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Aspire® - Flexibility without compromise

Wireless Nurse Call System
Aspire SmartSync® is our wireless nurse call solution, ideal for situations where a wired system cannot be installed, is not appropriate, or where a temporary solution is required.

Aspire shares the same platform as our wired systems and can be seamlessly integrated to create enterprise-wide communication across wards.

The system is simple to install and scalable, offering a number of benefits:
Validated Versatile
Fully HTM compliant with battery-powered overdoor and follow lights, offering regulatory requirements of a wired system in a wireless form.
Simple Simple
Simple to install, scale and adapt.
Efficient Efficient
Designed to preserve battery life to minimise battery replacements.
Continual-checks Continual checks
Continual system health checks to rapidly identify issues..
Configuration Configuration
System configuration back up via SD card for easy transference to new units, minimising disruption.
Inter operable Interoperable
Interoperable with both SSG and third-party devices.
Aspire Smart Sync
Aspire Product Range Catalogue
Aspire Product Range Catalogue