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Lnx™ Wireless Connectivity

Fusion Healthcare Platform® enables existing nurse call systems to deliver the digital hospital of the future

Static Systems’ Fusion Healthcare Platform® is helping estates teams and the wider healthcare collective to manage the estate today, while also plan for the future by using existing nurse call infrastructure.

With its industry standard open architecture, the Fusion Platform seamlessly integrates nurse call – including third-party products – with medical systems, sensor technologies and best-in-class smart devices tailored to the individual hospitals’ preferred ways of working. This creates a patient-centric environment with more time to care, and a more supportive workplace experience for both care and engineering teams. It also significantly enhances the day-to-day running of hospitals through more efficient use of resources and a reduction in whole-life costs.

SSG has unrivalled experience of working on ‘live’ systems and is available in the first instance to provide condition surveys and make recommendations.

Fusion is compatible with Static Systems’ Ultima™, Codemlon™ and Aspire SmartSync® nurse call systems, and readily meets the infrastructure requirements of NHP projects, with interoperability to meet the NHS Digital Strategy.

Further information:/solutions/healthcare/integration-solutions-fusion-lnx/

SSG unveil Acelo, a revolutionary IP Nurse Call system

SSG unveil Acelo, a revolutionary IP Nurse Call system that delivers the most advanced feature set in an intuitive plug and play design First-in-class, non-disruptive, pre-programmed, no-downtime, optimal hospital IP communications package is launched in export markets to help hospitals cope with unprecedented pressures and more effectively future proof their service and care. Acelo incorporates…

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SSG at IHEEM Wales Event

SSG recently exhibited at the IHEEM Wales Regional Conference, Exhibition, and Gala Awards. Our Head of Sales, Stuart Guest and Account Manager, Matt Thompson had a great two days reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new companies in the healthcare sector. The event focused on important topics such as Net Zero carbon buildings, infrastructure compliance,…

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SSG’s Inspiring Kick Off Meeting for a Successful Year Ahead

At SSG, we believe that a strong company culture plays a vital role in our success. It allows us to come together as a cohesive team, share our achievements, and align our focus for the future. In April, we had the pleasure of celebrating our accomplishments from the previous year and launching our new financial…

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