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Workflow Efficiency

 The availability of real-time data and task notifications promotes faster responses. This information can also be invaluable in establishing efficient workflow practices and in supporting good quality patient care.

Our nurse call systems offer a number of alarm management solutions; additional facilities that can be added to assist and support effective workflow.

Solutions can be facilitated in a number of ways; taking into account existing IT infrastructure, nursing practises and budget.

Our Lnx™ solution provides an ingeniously simple method for staff to connect third-party alarm equipment into their nurse call system - instantly!

Lnx™ - Ingeniously simple. Third-party task integration

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Lnx™ - Ingeniously simple. Third-party task integration

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Improving Workflow Efficiency

Ultima (Wired)

Codemlon (Wired)

Aspire SmartSync (Wireless)

Nurse Call


Cardiac Alarm

Response Time Analysis

VoIP Speech


Call Escalation

RFID Staff Presence

Call Rounding

Bed Status

Smart Device Alerting

Pop-up Messaging

Email Messaging

Staff Paging

Bed Transfer

(Permanent Repeat)

Bed Isolate

Project Specific Call Types

Event Logging

Fire Alarm Secondary Indication

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