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Ultima™ and Codemlon™ Staff Attack Alarm Systems

Static Systems’ attack alarm solution is uncomplicated to use, reliable and cost-competitive. It is also one of the most powerful and versatile attack alarm notification systems available - setting our solution apart.  

The majority of acute hospitals in the UK, and many overseas, have already invested in either our Ultima™ or Codemlon™ nurse call systems so we decided to design our attack alarm solutions to work on exactly the same technology platform - allowing existing infrastructure, indicating and mobile devices to be multi-purposed to reduce installation, set-up and running costs.

Both Ultima™ and Codemlon™ attack alarm systems operate in exactly the same way - using high-frequency infra-red communication between the staff fob and the receiver. The only difference is the technology used to connect with other systems on site.

  • The Ultima™ attack alarm solution uses TCP/IP protocol at its core.

  • The Codemlon™ attack alarm solution uses LonWorks™ technology at its core and is IP-ready.

This same protocol is used for Static Systems’ Fusion Healthcare Communications Platform™ - offering many advanced integration features for improved safety, well-being and workflow efficiency. The platform independent nature of the product also makes it suitable to work with third-party security and building management networks.

At a glance:-

Unrivalled accuracy and reliable connectivity

Fit-for-purpose call fobs

Outstanding Performance

Ideal for all healthcare environments

Benefits for both staff and patients

How it works

An infra-red fob (transmitter) is attached to staff clothing.

In the event of an incident the fob is ‘pulled’.

Activation is easy and discrete as there are no buttons to locate and press.

When activated the device remains attached, allowing the member of staff to be located in real-time if they move, and if required use the ‘assistance’ button to call help for a second time.

The signal is transmitted and received by the system.

Infra-red solutions are more reliable than other technologies for this purpose.

Key staff members receive the alarm together with its real-time location.

A range of mobile devices including pagers, smartphones and tablets are available, together with desk top computers and indicators located at staff bases.

The system displays multiple calls in the order they were received, with an attack signal overriding all assistance calls. A tone is emitted, if required.

The alarm is reset.

Each alarm is individually reset in the area where the alert was initiated by key personnel using a personal de-activation device.

Alternatively a switch at the staff indicator can be used.

To facilitate best practice for individual departments, options are available such as: ‘silent mode’ to prevent alarms aggravating critical situations; ‘zoning’ in areas so that only local incidents are displayed; user identification; data recording and archiving for future analysis and reporting.

Ultima™ and Codemlon™ Attack Alarm Product Range

High-frequency Infra-red Staff Fob (Transmitter)

Infra-red Patient Call Fob (Transmitter)

Attack Alarm Reset Fob

High-frequency Infra-red Receiver Unit

High-frequency Infra-red Receiver Unit (Elpas Replacement)

External Infra-red Receiver Unit

Transmitter Test Station

Staff Indicator (Ultima)

Staff Indicator (Codemlon)

In addition, equipment from the Ultima and Codemlon nurse call product ranges and features from the Fusion Healthcare Platform can be connected to provide extra functionality.

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