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Recommended Spares

To assist in-house maintenance teams we recommend the following spares are retained on-site for immediate availability.

Aspire SmartSync® Wireless Nurse Call Systems

3 x Part Code: 75920 - Aspire SmartSync® Mini Patient Hand Units
1 x Part Code: 100131 - Aspire SmartSync® Jack, Reset and Emergency Call Unit
1 x Part Code: 100096 - Aspire SmartSync® Toilet Call Pull Cord, Reset and Emergency Call Unit
20 x Part Code: 42860 - Alkaline AA Batteries (Recommended Manufacturers) 
3 x Part Code: 100172 - Aspire SmartSync® Dummy Patient Hand Unit Plugs
1 x Part Code: 100104 - Gateway (optional)
1 x Part Code: 100109 - Aspire SmartSync® Touch Indicator (optional)

Please note:

  • It is possible to purchase complete units and enclosures through our spares department. It is company policy not to supply component parts.
  • It is possible to swap the SD card from an existing unit when using the back-up gateway/indicator.

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