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The Fusion Healthcare Platform

The Fusion Healthcare Platform is the infrastructure that seamlessly brings together best-in-class healthcare alarm and communication solutions to make a real difference to the day-to-day running of hospitals and other healthcare environments.

It goes without saying that the platform works harmoniously with Static Systems’ extensive product portfolio. And, because of its platform independent nature, it can also work with third-party systems, security and management networks.

The Fusion Healthcare Platform is being used extensively in some of the world's busiest and most demanding environments. It's designed to meet the demands of today, with an eye on the requirements of tomorrow.

Typical Fusion Healthcare Platform Infrastructure


At a glance:-

What would good look like?

Fully ‘open’ architecture

Achieves true network integration

Assists with clinical workflow and task management

Extensive range of features

Supports future-proofing and upgrade of third-party nurse call systems

Working in partnership with...

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