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Workflow Efficiency

Our nurse call systems do exactly what you would expect. They enable a patient to call the nurse, and assist staff in locating the patient - along with a number of other ‘traditional’ functions.

But there’s lots more to it these days!

Since the introduction of our market-leading ‘platform independent’ software which allows various industry protocols to operate seamlessly as a single system, our solutions are making a real difference to the day-to-day running of hospitals by saving time and maximising efficiencies - as well as improving the patient experience.

Whether ‘wired’ or ‘wireless’, our nurse call systems are a ready-made communications platform that is generally under-utilised. Once aware of this, many hospitals are choosing to use the Fusion solution as a cost-effective, site-wide communications platform.

More streamlined task management with functionality - such as VoIP speech, bed status, call rounding, data management and integrated messaging platforms for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices - is able to operate alongside technologies such as infra-red and RFID.

For convenience, we've grouped the most frequently requested task management features into patient and staff related benefits. Most of these features are software based, so there's minimal disruption and they can be added in a 'live' ward.

We take time to understand Your needs!

When we discuss nurse call with you we’ll take time to understand your nursing management protocol and practices, patient type and any key issues and requirements.

We’ll then explain how each of the options work. If you want to see them demonstrated, we can arrange to show you in our fully equipped four bed ward facility at head office. If that’s not convenient we’ll demo it on site to you and your team.

It’s all about helping you to make an informed choice. The right choice for you. 
Workflow Efficiency

Workflow Efficiency

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