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Lnx™ Ingeniously simple. 

Cost-effective interface solution to help manage the patient environment.

Lnx™ enables busy ward-based staff to immediately connect healthcare equipment into their existing nurse call system as and when required.

The newly connected device automatically forms part of the nurse call system, taking on the characteristics of other patient-to-staff alarms to assist in task management and allocation, including follow-the-light operation, alerts at the nurse station and smart device notifications.

Typical applications include:-

  • Bed exit alert
  • Remote nurse call fob
  • Enuresis alarm
  • Chair exit alert
  • Special needs call units
  • Bedroom door alarm
  • Infusion pump alert

Lnx™ is a fully supported nurse call product, capable of working with a number of FusionWare™ task management solutions to provide additional functionality.

When the connection is no longer required, Lnx™ devices can simply be relocated to another bed area or stored until next required. The Lnx™ Connect Unit automatically powers down to conserve battery life.

Easy connection

Lnx™ uses customers’ existing nurse call infrastructure and can be connected to a Static Systems' wired nurse call system that uses the RJ45 plug and socket.

To connect, the existing patient hand unit is simply swapped to its Lnx™ equivalent and the third-party device is plugged into a Lnx™ Connect Unit, before the two devices are paired.

Up to eight devices can be connected to a single patient hand unit, delivering extensive cost benefits.

Typical Application:
Bed Exit Alert

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Typical Application:
Bed Exit Alert

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