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Fire Protection and Life Safety

Due to their very purpose, prisons and other correctional facilities offer a unique challenge in terms of fire safety as the typical goal of immediate evacuation does not apply.

There are many different areas of a prison, but it is the management of house-blocks where prisoners are locked into their accommodation that requires special consideration in the event of fire. This is where Static Systems Group has unrivalled knowledge and know-how.

Unrivalled expertise

For more than five decades Static Systems Group has been associated with providing fire protection systems to custodial establishments. We work with project teams to establish how fire situations can best be managed through the use of early detection and notification, together with human intervention to reduce risk to both prison officers and inmates.

We’re LPS 1014 accredited and we firmly believe our competency is unrivalled.

Our fire solutions play an important role in:-

  • Preventing loss of life and keeping building occupants safe
  • Preventing loss of assets
  • Protecting the building
  • Preventing panic
  • Containing fire to its origin

Life Safety Solutions

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