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Inmate Life-safety, Communication and Well-being

Because prisons and other correctional facilities are designed to keep people inside, by their very nature they pose special problems for an occupant’s well-being, ability to communicate, and life-safety protection in the event of fire.

Over many years, Static Systems Group has been working in partnership with the MoJ, directors of custody establishments, and project teams to improve communication between inmates and staff, and to reduce the risk to life.

Protecting lives and property

With the high risk to life associated with locked in occupants, a well thought-out and planned fire system is essential. Static Systems Group has an established project portfolio in this specialist area.

Our systems help to:-

  • Maintain a reasonable level of life safety in the event of fire.
  • Contain a fire to its original cell or starting point, providing sufficient time for staff to:-

        • Remove the occupant of a cell on fire before conditions of access to the cell become hazardous.
        • Evacuate inmates from adjacent cells before smoke inhalation.
        • Attack the fire whilst in a less aggressive state.
        • Prevent the spread of fire or damage by smoke and heat to areas beyond the immediate area.

Helping with communication and well-being

Depending on a prisoner’s daily schedule, many hours can be spent confined to their cell. A cell call system - provided with or without speech functionality - provides a means of communication between inmate and officer.

Such a system can help with achieving better well-being; reducing the occurrence of psychological issues such as panic attacks, anguish and depression.

Inmate Life-safety, Communication and Well-being Solutions

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