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Engineer Support

As engineers ourselves, we know the importance of providing real-time status information on alarm and communication systems.  Information that is reliable and given in plain English. After all, without the behind-the-scenes support of its engineers, the smooth running of the hospital and the well-being of patients would be at risk.

Our systems include a number of features as standard that are designed specifically to provide a helping hand to engineers - as well as a number of optional features we know will only be required on certain sites.

These include:-

  • On-screen, local indicator system set-up.
  • Early fault notification to assist with service scheduling.
  • Detailed reporting showing when and who completed a task.
  • Remote system interrogation.
  • Live system maintenance for reduced / zero downtime.
  • Flexible, open systems providing future proof solutions.
  • Industry standard infrastructure:
    • reducing whole life costs.
    • facilitating dynamic system modifications and upgrades.

Engineer Support Advanced Features

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