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Custodial Alarm Systems

Providing reliable, well designed alarm systems for the protection of people and property is our area of expertise.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the custodial environment. Our competence in interpreting the requirements of the individual site, and our ability to offer a complete solution.
With over 50 years experience, the name Static Systems Group is synonymous with the provision of alarm and communication systems throughout the UK and overseas. And, as an established provider of some of the largest and most complex systems currently installed our ability is second to none.

Our service to our clients starts with a desire to provide the best possible solution to their alarm needs, with an emphasis on delivering best value.

Our philosophy is to listen to our clients and then to bring together all elements of alarm, annunciation and control to ensure efficient site-wide operation.

Don't think of us as simply boxes on your wall. See us as an arm around your building. Reassuring, vigilant, highly intelligent and a working partner for years to come.

Whether you simply want practical advice on your alarm systems, or full project support. From computer-aided design to installation, commissioning and servicing you can expect us to do our job and for us to do it well.

After all, when it comes to meeting custodial requirements and performance we know what's needed. We've done it before - many times.

You’ll know you're in safe hands. Our certifications and our track record are proof of this.

So let's talk about your site, your alarm and communication needs. We'll listen, take a few notes, and ask a few questions. All straightforward stuff to start with, but essential.

What we bring is the expertise, experience and reassurance that currently stands guard over some of the largest and most secure sites in the UK.

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