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An enviable track record

Serving more acute UK hospitals than any other nurse call system

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Codemlon™ Advanced Wired Nurse Call System

Codemlon™ is a tried and tested solution with an enviable track record. It serves more acute hospital wards in the UK than any other nurse call system. With this in mind, as we develop additional features for our newer Ultima™ and Aspire SmartSync® product ranges, it’s also our intention to continue to develop them for Codemlon™

And there’s more… Because we have always developed products with future-proofing in mind, previous generation systems such as Codem2™ can be upgraded to Codemlon™.

Codemlon™ systems can work standalone, but they share a common platform with Ultima™ and Aspire SmartSync® systems, which is also shared with our extensive range of advanced safety, well-being and task management solutions.

Enterprise-wide Communication

At a glance:-

Market-leading resilience & reliability

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Ease of use

Low cost of ownership

Extended warranties as standard

Cost-effective upgrade solution for legacy systems that use traditional wiring