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Accurate Hospital Real-Time Location Systems

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Helping healthcare do more through real-time visibility

There is a growing expectation for hospital management teams to do more with less. By using the Fusion Healthcare Platform to integrate CenTrak’s enterprise location services with Static Systems’ nurse call systems, this requirement can go some way to being fulfilled.

CenTrak is recognised as a leading provider of real-time location systems. Its second generation infra-red technology is used widely to locate patients, staff and assets with 100% room and bed-level accuracy.

Over 1,700 healthcare facilities throughout the US, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East are currently using CenTrak technology.

CenTrak’s enterprise location and visibility services lead to rapid improvements in the following areas:-

Nurse Call Automation

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Asset Tracking & Management

Infant Protection

Environmental & Temperature Monitoring

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