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Condition Surveys and Backlog Maintenance

Our systems are built to last, but inevitably there will come a time when they can start to become unreliable, spare parts are difficult to obtain, system integrity and the core functionality can be impacted. Backlog maintenance can then become an issue.

We believe it’s always best to ‘have a strategy’ rather than waiting for a crisis!

SSG is able to help with condition surveys. We’ll take a pragmatic look at the whole site if required or maybe just a system in a particular area. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of the overall condition of the system, the risk of failure and the availability of spare parts. This will assist you to consider priority areas and to support a business case for investment in capital.

We find that taking a whole site approach often opens up the feasibility of an upgrade plan where some spares can be released as individual systems are updated, thereby helping preserve the integrity of the existing equipment through what can often be a multi-year upgrade strategy.

We’ve got years of experience and we want a long term partnership not just a quick win!

Why not contact one of our account managers for an initial, no obligation chat, they’d be pleased to visit your site and discuss your concerns. Or ask one of our clients and see how things worked out for them. We’ve got a number of healthcare communication and fire alarm case studies, there is sure to be one similar to your site!
Backlog Maintenance
Backlog Maintenance
Backlog Maintenance

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