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Advanced Nurse Call Features

The modern healthcare environment demands much more than ever before from staff and the communications systems that support them.

With the majority of acute hospitals in the UK, and many overseas, already having invested in one of Static Systems Group nurse call systems, the company has developed an extensive range of advanced alarm and communication features that can be added to existing systems.

The additional features use exactly the same technology platform - allowing existing infrastructure, indicating and mobile devices to be multi-purposed to reduce installation, set-up and running costs, and at the same time simplifying use for staff.

As required, these features can connect at ward level, directly to the nurse call system, or can operate as a fully integrated part of the Fusion Healthcare Platform to provide site-wide communication.

Typical Fusion Healthcare Platform Infrastructure:

Showing connection of nurse call systems and site-wide alarm and communication features outlined below.

Advanced Features

Ultima (Wired)

Codemlon (Wired)

Aspire SmartSync (Wireless)

Patient Care:

Nurse Call

Cardiac Alarm

VoIP Speech


Follow Lights

Call Escalation

Staff Assistance (Emergency Call)

Remote Call

Bed Isolate

Bed Transfer

(Permanent Repeat)

Disabled Toilet Call

Patient Safety:

Medical Alarm Alert


Bed Exit Alert

Smart Sensors

Medical Device Integration

Door Monitoring

Baby Tagging & Infant Security

Staff Safety & Well-being

Staff Attack Alarm


Staff Assistance

Door Monitoring

Fire Alarm Integration

Patient Experience:

Catering Call

Lighting Control

Heating Control

Blinds Control

TV Control

Patient Experience Reports

Workflow Efficiency:

Clinical Reporting & Analytics

Pop-up Messaging

Smart Device Messaging

EMR & EPR Integration

Staff Assignment

Telephony Integration

Named Presence

Task Assignment

RTLS & Asset Tracking


E-mail Alerts

SMS Messaging

Access Control


Staff Paging

Dynamic Communication:

Fire Alarm Integration

Medical Gas Indication

HL7 Connection

Wide Area Networking

Multi-site Networking

Engineer Support:

Engineer Reporting & Analytics

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Configuration

BMS Integration

Plant Alarm Indication

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