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Observations and Call Rounding

Studies have demonstrated that the incorporation of hourly rounding protocols into clinical practice is an effective evidence-based intervention.

Taking the concept a stage further, it is possible to go beyond attending to the established 4 P’s: Pain, Potty, Positioning, and Periphery. With advanced systems, patient specific nursing interventions can be carried out at carefully chosen time intervals.

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Proactively addresses patient needs

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How it works

Room Information Displays (RIDs) with pre-programmed, touch-screen buttons are installed within patient rooms.

Using the functionality provided, staff select rounding frequency and required activities.

At the appropriate time automated observation reminders are sent to mobile devices carried by pre-selected personnel. Simultaneously, and as a constant reminder, an over door light outside the patient’s room will illuminate until the patient has been attended to.

Additional functionality includes:-

  • Automatic system updating in real-time, following staff attendance using RTLS tracking.
  • Static Systems’ MIMic app to extend the available features.
  • Observations and call rounding can be incorporated as a fully integral part of an advanced nurse call system such as Ultima™, Codemlon™ and Aspire SmartSync®.

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