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Porter Call

Porters play a vital role in maintaining the smooth running of hospitals - making decisions, working quickly and calmly in an emergency.

Introducing smart devices to replace paging units, can improve communication leading to enhanced efficiency. 

At a glance:-

Improved communication

Automatically generated task scheduling

Systems integration

Improved record keeping

Helps to maintain high standards

Improves inter-departmental relationships

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How it works

Room Information Displays (RIDs) with pre-programmed, touch-screen buttons are installed within patient rooms and around departments. Up on activation of the porter request button by a member of staff, a message is sent to the specified porter group who are notified on any combination of pagers, smart phones and VoIP telephony handsets.

Information provided will include the nature of the request, room location and a bespoke typed message.

The task is accepted at the mobile device to prevent more than one member of staff/team attending. Where speech has been incorporated, a conversation can also take place.

Additional functionality includes:-

  • Integration with medical records.
  • Automatic intelligent alert notifications including location information using RFID and / or RTLS tracking.
  • Basic push button units to replace touch-screen staff terminals.
  • Analytical data detailing patient movements, member of staff in attendance, etc.
  • Incorporating porter call as a fully integral part of an advanced nurse call system, such as Ultima™, Codemlon™ and Aspire SmartSync®, can add value to managing this important function within a hospital.

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