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A well-managed housekeeping department relies on the ability of its teams to organise work efficiently and to manage the use of equipment and human resource with minimum effort.

Incorporating mobile device technology with smart cause and effect programming - either standalone or as an integrated part of a nurse call system - will allow housekeeping services staff to work hand-in-hand with other staff and patients to help keep infections out, improve bed turnaround and ultimately help to promote a positive healing environment.

At a glance:-

Improved Communication

Automatically generated task scheduling

Improved record keeping

Helps to maintain high standards

Improves inter-departmental relationships

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Intelligent Integration

Room Information Displays (RIDs) with pre-programmed, touch-screen buttons are installed within patient rooms and around departments. On activation by a member of staff, a message is sent to any combination of mobile smart devices and fixed location staff indicators.

Pre-designated recipients receive information appertaining to the task request, including room location and a bespoke typed message where necessary.

The task is accepted at the mobile device or staff indicator to prevent more than one member of staff attending. Where speech has been incorporated, a conversation can also take place.

Additional functionality includes:-

  • Automatic notification in real-time using RTLS tracking.
  • Automatic cause and effect task management, such as on patient discharge requesting housekeeping to clean and turnaround a room ready for the next occupant; notifying bed management when the task has been completed.
  • Basic push button units to replace touch-screen staff terminals.
  • Incorporating housekeeping as a fully integral part of an advanced nurse call system, such as Ultima™, Codemlon™ and Aspire SmartSync®, adding value to managing this important function within a hospital.

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