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The Countess of Chester Hospital

The Countess of Chester Hospital

The Countess of Chester Hospital is a site which has been served for many years by fire alarm equipment from both Static Systems and Honeywell (Gent). Phased upgrade works have taken place across the site, with the overall objective of establishing a common network and fire alarm system through the gradual removal of the Honeywell system and replacement with Static Systems' panels and Apollo detection.

Towards the end of 2011, it was decided to replace the existing Static Systems' Series 860 fire alarm panels with a number of modern, networked panels. The existing detection was retained and the ‘backward compatible’ panels took over the loops. The network was successfully interfaced with the Honeywell equipment.

Some two years later, during works to the major and minor injuries departments, the existing Gent/Honeywell fire alarm was further rolled back and replaced with Static Systems' equipment. The nature of these two departments in particular meant that long-term closures were not going to be possible. The jobs were broken down into discrete elements with each phase requiring fire/fault interfacing between the Static Systems and the Honeywell equipment.

The end result of this work is that all of the legacy Static Systems ‘direct-wired’ detection and the Gent/Honeywell equipment has been removed from site and replaced with analogue addressable detection loops wired back to modern, networked fire alarm panels.

During these upgrade works Static Systems acted as system design consultants, producing detailed site drawings showing the progress of the works and the coverage of both the Static Systems and the Gent/Honeywell fire alarms. Static Systems' project teams worked closely with representatives from Honeywell, M&E contractors and the client team to co-ordinate the works and effect the necessary software re-writes and subsequent decommissioning and strip out works. In particular Static Systems advised on the order in which areas should be addressed and gave early warnings on potentially problematic areas.

System: Site-wide network comprising Series 900Evo fire alarm panels, and predominantly Apollo Discovery devices.

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