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Static Systems - Nurse Call Systems

City Hospital, Birmingham

Windmill Theatres & Ward D6

City Hospital, Birmingham
Windmill Theatres & Ward D6

The theatres at City Hospital originally had a ‘conventionally-wired’ nurse call system. When the time came to replace the system there were a number of challenges to be overcome. Principally, it would not be possible to decant the theatres, and there were solid ceiling throughout the majority of the theatres area. This made it very difficult, if not impossible, to install a hardwired solution.

The estate team, having explored available options, decided to install a fully wireless system - and Static Systems’ solution was the preferred option.

Features of the system include:

  • Patient-to-nurse call
  • Staff-to-staff emergency call

Work was carried out out-of-hours, including weekends.

When the nurse call system within Ward D6 required replacement, Static Systems was again called upon.

Both systems are connected via a Local Area Network (LAN), and in the event of an emergency in Ward D6 an assistance call is made to the Windmill Theatres.

System: Aspire SmartSync® wireless nurse call systems connected to a Local Area Network (LAN).  Number of endpoints: Windmill Theatres - 19, D6 - 3

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