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Addenbrookes Hospital

Nuclear Medicine

Addenbrookes Hospital, Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine department was originally served by a very old ‘conventionally-wired’ nurse call system that was reaching end-of-life.

It was not possible to close down the department whilst installing a new system and this was a key factor in choosing a replacement. Following careful consideration of all options it was decided to install a ‘wireless’ nurse call solution - removing the necessity to install cabling and the associated disruption.

A Static Systems’ Aspire SmartSync® system was chosen as this provided the most cost-effective solution and was easy to install in a live ward environment compared with alternative systems.

Initially the wireless gateway, staff indicator and only three call points with patient hand units were installed. The flexibility of the Aspire SmartSync® system has since allowed additional devices to be added and the area will continue to be upgraded as demanded by the demise of the original system.

Other areas within the hospital have aging conventionally-wired systems and being prudent, the estates team have purchased a number of SmartSync Lite™ systems together with additional patient hand units and call points for temporary deployment as required.

System: Permanently installed Aspire SmartSync® wireless nurse call system and 4 SmartSync Lite temporary systems. Supply only.

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