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Customer and Supplier FAQs

For almost any question, the generic answer is:

Halma isn't looking to come in and make any big changes. Next week is going to look surprisingly like last week. We will have the same people, delivering the same value, to the same customers. Halma's approach is to support the operating companies and help accelerate their growth. The company will pick and choose what aspects of Halma make sense for it to take advantage of. 

Q1. Why was the company sold?

In 2018 our M.D., Adrian Turner looked to develop the next 5 year plan. With no third generation of family to take the helm, and with himself and his brother Chris both nearing retirement, the Turner family engaged the services of a business consultant to commence the search for a new partner to take the company forward.

Q2. How will the acquisition impact customers? What difference will they see?

Short-term, they shouldn't see any difference. Long-term the support around growth from Halma should be visible by customers as we take advantage of Halma's growth drivers to help build the future. For instance, if we add capabilities to the portfolio we could provide more holistic solutions to customers.

Q3. What will be the company name?

No change. We will still be called 'Static Systems Group'.

Q4. Will the salespeople keep their existing territories and customer bases?

There are no changes to the roles and responsibilities of Static Systems' teams as part of this change.

Q5.  Will the culture of Static Systems Group change?

In the short-term our culture won't change. Halma is impressed with both the customer-centric nature of our culture as well as with the 'family' aspect of the culture where people strongly support and value each other.

Q6. How can I learn more about Halma and the way they do business?

Check out their website You may also find it interesting to look at their annual report, it's very insightful about the business, it's culture, and operating model.

Q7. How does the way they do business differ from the way Static Systems Group does business?

It's more the other way around. Much of their philosophy and customer-centric focus, culture, and the power of great employees is the same between companies.

Q8. What are the new owner's goals, values, expectations?

Halma's goal is to support a smooth transition for the company as Adrian Turner and Chris Turner retire, and then help Static Systems continue to grow. Halma would like to explore if there are ways that Static Systems could partner with CenTrak (a global leader in Real-Time Location Systems) to provide even more value to our existing customers.

Q9. What policies and procedures will be changing?

In the short-term, none. Longer-term we will need to see which policies are right for the future and which need to be updated.

For answers to specific queries please contact the person you usually speak with at  Static Systems Group.

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