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Statement from Static Systems Group Managing Director, Adrian Turner

When Lawrence Turner, our father, founded the company in 1964 he would never have expected the success and longevity that the company has achieved. Under his leadership and then that of Bill Coleman, the company grew and established its premier products and brands in the UK acute healthcare market. I proudly followed my father as Managing Director of the company in 2000 and since that time we have continued to grow and see many challenges and successes. Chris joined the team in 2004 and strengthened the family leadership of the company. The last 5 years have been amongst the most successful and profitable in our history.

The journey to today's announcement started in 2018 as I looked to develop our next 5 year plan. With no third generation of the family to take the helm we engaged the services of a business consultant and commenced the search for a new partner to take the company forward. This has been a long and difficult process but in Halma plc, Lawrence, Chris and I feel that we have the right partner to preserve the identity and heritage of SSG but also to develop our existing markets in both the UK and overseas.

It is particularly important to recognise that Halma does make an excellent partner for us, they have been very open with us that their intentions are to help SSG grow both in the UK and internationally and to accelerate this by drawing on their many skills and overseas partners. They have also reassured us that they are immensely impressed with our people, products and systems and want us to continue operating on our site, doing what we do very well. The Halma Group also include companies like Apollo Fire Detectors, Advanced (Fire Alarm Panels) and CenTrak; we have routinely traded with these companies for many years.

The Turner family are very relieved that we have not been acquired by a competitor. In conclusion, we genuinely believe that this really is great news for our very valued employees, our customers and the future.

Finally to confirm again - we will carry on doing tomorrow, on our site, with our people, building and suppliers, what we did yesterday!

ARL Turner
21st December 2020

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