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5 Years' Hand Unit Warranty: FAQs

We are proud of the quality of the products we design and build at our UK based facility. Our RNIB endorsed range of splash-proof patient hand units is no exception and is covered by a 5 years’ ‘return-to-base’ extended warranty.

Q1. Which hand units are covered by the 5 years’ warranty?

All MK6 hand units manufactured since 1st January 2012 are covered by the warranty. MK6 hand units have a distinctive appearance similar to those shown here.

Q2. How do I identify the date of manufacture?

The date of manufacture - together with the part number, is clearly marked on the back of each hand unit (dd/yy). The 5 years’ warranty applies from this date; commencing on the last day of the month shown.

Q3. What if my hand unit does not have a date on it?

Hand units manufactured before 1st January 2012 will not have a date marked on the back, and are out of warranty.

Q4. What is covered?

The ‘return-to-base’ warranty covers damage due to faulty components that have failed in normal usage.

Q5. What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, willful or accidental damage. Damage to cables is not covered.

Q6. What happens if I return a hand unit that is not covered?

We will inspect the hand unit and if it is considered to be outside of warranty we will advise you and agree a course of action.

Q7. How long before my replacement hand unit is despatched?

We aim to despatch ’standard’ replacement items within 2 working days of receipt, and to despatch repaired items within 5 working days.

Q8. My hand unit is still in warranty but has been damaged. What do I do?

Return damaged hand units to our Spares & Repairs Department for customer exchange at preferential pricing. For pricing details please telephone: 01902 891 633 (normal office hours).

Hand Unit cables and mounting brackets for MK6 units, and other component parts for older units can also be purchased through our Spares & Repairs Department. 

During the Covid-19 Secure Period we ask that hand units are not returned to our works. Instead, please e-mail a  photograph. Further information.

Q9. Where do I return my faulty hand units to?

Spares & Repairs Department Tel: 01902 891 633 (normal office hours)

Static Systems Group PLC 
Heath Mill Road
United Kingdom


To ensure items are processed without delay we recommend contacting our Spares & Repairs Department before returning equipment. On speaking with us we will issue a returns reference number and start the process to provide your replacement item(s). Items should not be returned to Static Systems Group without a Declaration of Decontamination. Please see question 11.

Q10.  Will I be charged postage and packing?

We ask that units are returned to us at the expense of the customer. We will return replacement units at our expense.

Q11.  Do I need to include a Declaration of Decontamination?

Yes. Items should not be returned to Static Systems Group without a Declaration of Decontamination. Items that do not include the appropriate documentation will not be processed for repair/customer exchange.

We accept either the hospital’s declaration of decontamination document, or our own. 

Download: Decontamination-Certificate-QF300.pdf

During the Covid-19 Secure Period we ask that hand units are not returned to our works. Instead, please e-mail a photograph. Further information.

Q12.  Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes. Please contact our Spares & Repairs Department to discuss.

Tel: 01902 891 633 (normal office hours).

Q13.  Do Static Systems Group provide Service & Maintenance Contracts?

Yes. For details of our care packages please telephone: 01902 891 054 or e-mail:

Q14.  Who do I contact if I wish to provide customer feedback?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and welcome feedback. If you would like to comment on any aspect of the company please e-mail: or use the contact us form at the bottom of this web page.

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