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More than one solution for networking Ultima™ systems

Individual Ultima ward-based systems can be integrated to form a site-wide nurse call network to assist with the smooth running of the entire hospital. This facility is of particular benefit when used with advanced features, such as the central collation of information for example in the bed managers’ office or in the works’ department.

A number of options are available, depending on the level of integration required:- 

  • Dedicated nurse call network

The system utilises a site-wide, discrete wiring network; wholly independent of any other system, which can then be linked to the site LAN via an IP gateway.

  • 'Distributed' network

The site is covered by multiple smaller discrete systems, each one linked to the site LAN and thereby forming a site-wide network with each system being able to communicate with the others as necessary.

  • 'Shared' network

The nurse call system is fully integrated with the site LAN with each call point being an IP end-point directly linked to the LAN, with 'Virtual LAN' partitioning used to isolate the nurse call traffic from other site traffic.

A flexible approach

This flexible approach to system integration allows clients to 'fine tune' how deep the nurse call system will reside within the site-wide data network and thereby leverage exactly the advantages they require (remote monitoring/interrogation, smartphone/table notification, integration with existing IP based alarms/alert systems, etc.)

Designed for 'live' system working

The non-proprietary nature of our network, using industry standard wiring and connections, gives Static Systems Group the advantage of being a 'plug and play' provider. This greatly simplifies commissioning stages and gives us the flexibility to accommodate a construction programme which may not equate to fully completed wards or floors. Plug and play also allows for maintenance work to be carried out on 'live' systems, with component swap-out requiring no system downtime. This is an advantage unique to Ultima™ from Static Systems Group. It cannot be offered by other system architectures, which can only be commissioned as complete wards and require systems to be fully powered down for maintenance.

Non-proprietary equipment, reduces set-up and life-cycle costs

The life-cycle cost of an Ultima™ network is reduced through our use of non-proprietary equipment. The PoE IP switches are 'off-the-shelf' units, widely available from many manufacturers and can be sourced as the client sees fit. An Ultima™ network is not dependent on any kind of 'Zone Unit' or any other bespoke equipment specific to a single manufacturer. The client can fully own their network, maintain it and expand it as they wish. Room changes and future network extensions can be carried out by any appropriate data installer.

Robust and secure

It is the use of this standard equipment that allows Static Systems Group to integrate fully with a site-wide network as detailed earlier. Ultima™ has a very low network overhead with typical bandwidth requirements of 20kB/second per ward (excluding speech communication) and when configured on its own VLAN, it is a very robust and secure nurse call solution.

Increased functionality

For increased functionality, an Ultima™ nurse call system can be supplemented by a network based IP server running software for both client and FM related services. For example, our Clinical Reporting and Data Analysis Software allows nursing management to monitor call types and numbers and also the response times. This not only provides information on trends in patient behaviour but also how these calls were managed; invaluable for CQC and other care quality audits. Our 'Pop-up Notification' tool allows nurse call alerts to be simply repeated on client's PCs at touchdown bases; this offers an opportunity for significant space and cost savings on conventional repeaters. Engineering and diagnostic information can be relayed to PCS and mobile devices, while our 'Messaging Tool' allows third-party integration with devices such as smartphones.

Integrated patient information

In much the same way that information can be extracted from our systems, it is also possible to bring patient information onto our systems by way of our 'Room Information Display'. The RID is a versatile device which can be deployed throughout the hospital. They reside on the network the same way as any other end-point and can be strategically positioned to maximise operational efficiencies and patient experience.

Typical applications include:-

As displays are ultimately linked to the site LAN (either directly or through a dedicated nurse call network) they can even become an extension of the hospital information system. The installation requirements are the same for all of these functions so further information streams can be added in the future.

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