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Delivering a truly flexible nurse call solution

Although the majority of nurse call systems are now ‘IP based’, not all systems are created equal!

In order for a system to be truly flexible and future proof it is a key requirement that the whole end-to-end solution is designed to meet the international IP/LAN standards, such as 802.3af (for PoE) and TIA/EIA-568-C (Ethernet).

The advantages of using an internationally recognized, industry standard platform are many.

  • Initially, the infrastructure can be purchased, installed and commissioned as part of the LAN network – often a more economical solution than employing a specialist provider.
  • The nurse call system can also more easily be expanded throughout the life of the system as the healthcare environment evolves. For example, if the function of a room changes, any IP point (such as an existing RJ45 outlet) can be utilised to directly plug in nurse call bedhead units; providing nurse call functionality without the need for extra wiring or infrastructure works. And, any works that may be required can be carried out by a LAN provider or in-house team in advance.
  • A further advantage of a fully IP system and the use of PoE, is system down time for equipment additions, fault rectification and repairs. Each individual PoE port provides an independent 48Vdc power source to each nurse call device. This means that units can be connected, disconnected and replaced whilst the system is ‘live’.
  • Central to this feature is an integral SD Card containing backup of the operating software. It is simply swapped by the hospital’s own on-site engineer, and automatically pre-loads to the replacement device – removing the need for specialist software, the necessity to use a laptop computer, or involve the engineering services of the manufacturer.

Ultima™: The pre-eminent critical alarm notification system

Static Systems’ Ultima™ solution provides all of this functionality. It is a peer-to-peer distributed communication system, complying with HTM 08-03 and delivering full and complete end-to-end IP and PoE at each bed position. Any nurse call device (bed, indicator, etc.) is capable of communicating with any other device without the need for power units, zone units or central control equipment. This makes for an extremely resilient and reliable system as all site nurse call devices are distributed across multiple switches.

There is no mystery or confusion when working with Ultima™. Switches, cabling, patch panels and racks are all commercially available ‘off-the-shelf’, and are identical to any other LAN infrastructure that might be used for PC’s, printers, CCTV, door access control and other IP BMS systems.

Further, using industry standard technologies means that a range of enhanced facilities; such as Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, is available for easy integration, along with optimization of staff workflow to ensure best patient care is delivered.

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