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Advanced Clinical Reporting and Analytics

Access to quality data is the single most important factor in demonstrating standards of patient care.

By adding Advanced Clinical Reporting and Analytics to your nurse call system it is possible to turn the data recorded by your system into a fully integrated management tool useful in demonstrating efficiency and levels of patient care.

At a glance:-

Quality, real-time data


Browser based

Comprehensive data analysis:

Focus on user specified call types:

Produce reports in a range of formats

Supplements HTM 08:03 standard requirements

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How it works

Working as an integral part of an Ultima™, Codemlon™ and Aspire SmartSync® nurse call system, call and attendance data is automatically collected.

The data gathered is easily processed into user-specified time bands such as a day, week or month to show:
  • Number of calls made.
  • Percentage of calls responded to within the specified time period.
Reports are displayed in the form of bar and pie charts and can help to identify peaks and troughs in patient demand, mitigate patient complaints and assess staffing level requirements.

Over time the customised reports can be a useful tool in providing a clear picture of how staff response
affects patient satisfaction.

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