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Bed Exit Alert

Bed Exit Alert

Inpatient falls are common place and remain a challenge for the NHS. Often, a fall increases the financial burden on the Trust through increased length of stay and there is the potential for additional care costs on discharge. And, even a fall that does not cause physical injury can cause anxiety and distress for the patient and their family.

To help make staff aware of a patient exiting their bed within the shortest possible time 'Bed Exit Alert' can be provided using Lnx

Additional Features

The benefits of introducing Bed Exit Alert can be further increased by adding other task management solutions. 
These can include:-

User specified call types

Automatic lighting switch-on

Clinical reporting and analytics

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How it works

The existing patient hand unit is replaced with the Lnx™ equivalent which looks and operates in exactly the same way. A pressure mat connected to a Connect Unit is placed on the floor alongside the patient bed. The two units communicate wirelessly.

As the patient steps onto the mat a 'patient-to-nurse call' is raised.

At a glance:-

  • Designed for easy connection to pressure pads placed on chairs and floor mats placed alongside patient beds.
  • Provides a practical alternative to constant supervision of patients with cognitive impairment or who cannot easily walk unsupported.
  • Can address concerns raised as part of a patient risk assessment, particularly when used in single bed rooms.
  • Reduces pressure on caregivers.
  • Works as an integral part of an Ultima™ and Codemlon™ nurse call system with automatic prioritising of events and ’follow-the-light’ operation to assist staff in quickly locating the call.
  • Comprehensive range of additional enhanced solutions available to complement Bed Exit.

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