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Innovation Ward Update

Static Systems' Innovation Ward, which aims to showcase current and future healthcare technology, foster greater industry collaboration and inspire best practice in ward design continues to be effect in introducing new solutions to the healthcare environment. Richard Tew, Technical Director at Static Systems Group, outlines some of the latest developments at the facility.

“I’m pleased to report that equipment suppliers, design groups and construction specialists are continuing to use our Innovation Ward to discuss ward design, propose new ideas and trial new applications of technologies.

“Our aim from the outset has been to make the ward available to the wider industry to help address and resolve the common challenges that clinicians and healthcare delivery teams face, namely, ensuring patient safety, enhancing the patient experience and supporting efficient working practices. One of our focus areas in this respect has been working alongside other technology providers to create innovative solutions which have tangible benefits for end users.

“As a provider of nurse call systems we are acutely aware of the role that we can play in aiding efficiency by integrating different providers and technologies to deliver more streamlined working. Nurse call is in effect the ‘glue’ that can hold all of these different technologies and functions together.

“As an example, recent engagement with IQ Messenger, a leading provider of critical alarm messaging allowed us to integrate their technology into our nurse call system. As a result we are able to easily assign nurse call notifications from a particular patient or group of patients to a specific nurse. We are also able to integrate via IQ Messenger with patient information systems. This means that on allocation of a bed a patient profile can be automatically assigned to grade calls or responses according to the patient condition and treatment plan.

“We’ve also been working closely with CenTrak, a market leader in real-time location systems (RTLS) whose technology, when integrated into our nurse call system, can be used to identify staff, patient and equipment location. This provides automatic logging of individual staff attendance at the bedside. Working via the nurse call the RTLS element can also be used to alert nursing staff if patients leave their bed, or room, or visit the bathroom.

“Management and assignment of tasks is an area where synergistic working can bring significant benefits. Call rounding, whereby alerts are sent to staff for routine patient checks, and other task requests are good examples of this. Using our patient portal screen at the bedside, routine notifications can be set to alert nursing teams or tasks requested such as porter attendance or blood test requirements.

“The Department of Health’s drive to invest in new technology for the benefit of all stakeholders is something that we at Static Systems Group are very much in support of. The potential to integrate different technologies with nurse call to enhance task management to help deliver efficient working and improve patient safety is something that we continue to explore.

“We want to bring together best of breed suppliers and engage with client teams and work together to deliver the best results for nursing teams, patients, porters and other support staff – the whole hospital in fact!”

To find out more, or to register your interest in holding an event or taking part in a tour of the Design & Innovation Centre, please e-mail: or call us on: 01902 895 551.

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