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SmartSync Explained...

We're proud of our wireless nurse call solutions. They're among the best available.

We can make this claim because our systems have a robust and superior method of battery-life preservation and system health-checking - something we call SmartSync technology.

Our wireless devices are precisely synchronized. This means they wake up exactly when they need to receive a message or call, and then go straight back to sleep. This dramatically increases battery life.

Because of this power saving:-

  • Our devices use AA batteries and D cells.
  • Truly wireless over door and follow lights are available.
  • Batteries are fully monitored for 'low' alert.
  • Rapid and exceptionally secure 'two-way' health-checking and reporting can take place.

In addition:-

  • Call device reassurance LEDs, over door lights and audible tones only activate once a message has been received by the system and confirmed back to the originating device.
  • Alerts are raised if a device is taken out of range or a hand unit unplugged.
  • Call logs are retained in the event of a system fault.
  • Simply swapping SD cards in central equipment immediately reinstates the system without loss of data.