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Past Apprentice: Kellie

Start Date:2012

Current Position: Technical Support Engineer
Previous Position: Estimating Engineer
Education: Ounsdale High School including 6th Form College and City of Wolverhampton College studying BTEC National Diploma in Electronic Engineering Level 3


I always loved electronics and in the sixth form at my school was helping to teach the subject. So when an opportunity arrived to be considered for an apprenticeship with Static Systems Group I jumped at it.

Kellie smiles when asked why she wanted to do this type of apprenticeship as it hasn’t traditionally attracted many females. At college I have to say it was difficult initially and I found that the 40 lads there all had their groups and I spent a lot of time on my own. By the second year everyone had accepted me for who I was and I felt ‘one of the lads’.

At work everyone was very helpful from the start and I quickly felt settled. I have worked in many areas including out on site where the workforce has been ‘all-male’ but no one seemed to think it was odd that I was there. I feel as if I fit in really well here.

As a child I was quite introverted but since starting at Static Systems I feel my character has changed.
Now working as part of the internal technical support team, Kellie said that some of the work is quite challenging. However she relishes solving problems and finding solutions, and also talking with customers and contractors who welcome her thoughts and ideas. In short, I like coming to work to do what I do, explains Kellie.

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice and to really get to grips with the technology. Also you get to build systems and understand in detail how the different components work. I think Static Systems does this really well in their apprentice programme.

Kellie was following in the footsteps of her father who had himself taken an apprenticeship path many years earlier. Living in Wombourne and joining an established and respected local company which was involved in one of her passions (electronics) was the recipe for a dream career. 

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