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CS MultiWall Bedhead
Focus: Inseta Headwall
Focus: Disabled Toilet Call
Bedhead Units
75876B Mini Hand Unit
75721W Call Reset Emergency Unit
75730W Emergency Reassurance Unit
74852 Ultima Touch IP Indicator
75776W Over Door Unit
75782W Lamp Tone Unit
75736W CDC Indicator
75775W CDC Interface Unit
Focus: Vistr Headwall
Focus: Medical Services Systems Designed for Off-site Construction
Focus: Modus Horizontal Medical Services Systems
LED Bedhead Lighting Solutions
Focus: Modus Vertical Medical Services Systems
Focus: P22 repeatable Rooms
Focus: Ventura Horizontal Medical Services Systems
ALL - EvoMist Datasheets
100524 - EvoMist Cell Misting Control Unit
100570 - EvoMist Misting Wing Office Display Unit
100577 - EvoMist Fire Alarm Misting Junction Box
Mk5 to Mk6 Hand Unit Bracket Change
Service Replacement Hand Unit Part Numbers
Focus: Aspire SmartSync Wireless System - SmartFit Enclosures
Focus: Nurse Call Patient Hand Units
Nurse Call and much more!
ALL Aspire SmartSync Datasheets
Fusion IP Aspire SmartSync Overview Datasheet
100127 - Aspire SmartSync Touch Display
100104 - Aspire SmartSync Gateway
100169 - Aspire SmartSync Paired Touch Indicator and Gateway
100139 - Aspire SmartSync USB Wireless Dongle
100152 - Aspire SmartSync Mini Patient Hand Unit with 2 Bedlight Buttons
100171 - Aspire SmartSync Over Door Unit - Enhanced Capacity
100100 - Aspire SmartSync LED Indicator and Tone Unit - Powered
100128W - Aspire SmartSync Patient Call, Reset and Cardiac Call Unit
100094W - Aspire SmartSync Jack, Reset, Emergency Call Unit - Bedlight Control
100314W - Aspire SmartSync Jack, Reset, Cardiac Call Unit - Bedlight Control
75927 - Aspire SmartSync Pull Cord Unit, Normally Open
100333 - Aspire SmartSync CDC Interface Unit with LED Indicator
100173 - Aspire SmartSync Bedlight Control Interface Unit - Surface Mounted
100224 - Aspire SmartSync Bedlight Control Interface Unit - Flush Mounted
SmartSync Recommended Battery Manufacturers
Aspire SmartSync Fault Finding Guide
Aspire SmartSync Bedlight Interface Leaflet
Focus: Ultima Advanced Nurse Call
ALL Aspire SmartSync LITE Datasheets
100593 - SmartSync Lite Equipment Pack
Fusion-IP Ultima Overview Datasheet
75920 - Aspire SmartSync Patient Hand Unit
Fusion IP
75936 - Fusion-IP Hand Unit Mounting Bracket
75821B Mini Hand Unit
100131W - Aspire SmartSync Jack, Reset and Emergency Unit
75875B Mini Hand Unit
100093W - Aspire SmartSync Call Push, Reset and Emergency Unit
100095W - Aspire SmartSync Emergency Unit
75803B Patient Hand Unit
100313W - Aspire SmartSync Jack, Reset and Cardiac Unit
75820B Patient Hand Unit
100102W - Aspire SmartSync Cardiac Unit
75822B Patient Hand Unit
100096W - Aspire SmartSync Toilet Call, Reset and Emergency Unit
75831B Patient Hand Unit
100098W - Aspire SmartSync Toilet Call and Reset Unit
75834B Patient Hand Unit
100311W - Aspire SmartSync Presence Unit
74851 Patient Hand Unit IP Speech
100170 - Aspire SmartSync Over Door Unit
75881B Staff Hand Unit IP Speech
100328 - Aspire SmartSync Wireless Repeater
75731W Hand Unit Jack Socket
100109 - AspireTouch Indicator
75812W Pull Cord Unit
SmartSync Recommended Battery Manufacturers
75848W Pull Cord Unit
75846W Pull Cord Unit
Aspire SmartSync Installation & Operation Manual
75825W Pull Cord Unit
42578B Pull Cord Unit
42579B Pull Cord Unit
75849W Pull Cord Unit
75710W Reset Unit
75711W Reset Emergency Unit
75712W Reset Jack Unit
75713W Reset Emergency Jack Unit
75720W Call Reset Unit
75722W Call Unit
75723W Call Unit
75864W Cardiac Reassurance Unit
75718W Staff Presence Unit
75787W Mushroom Headed Panic Button
75786W Mushroom Headed Panic Button
42382 Nurse Call Datastation
42397 Nurse Call Datastation
74853 Ultima Touch IP Indicator
75724W Over Door Unit
75725W Over Door Unit
75726W Over Door Unit
75752W Over Door Unit
75877W Over Door Unit
75838W Over Door Unit Tri Colour
100616 3 Tone I/O Node
75865W Over Door Unit Twin
75751W Tone Sounder Unit
75781W Lamp Tone Switch Unit
75768W CDC Indicator
75845B Call Reset Emergency Unit Splash Proof
75829B Call Unit Splash Proof
75818B Lamp Tone Unit Splash Proof
75758W Relay Interface Unit
46988 IP Ward Monitor
75816B Emergency Reassurance Unit Splash Proof
Spire Nottingham Case Study
75815B Reset Emergency Unit Splash Proof
Musgrove Park VoIP Integration Case Study
South Glasgow
ALL - Codemlon (Wired) Nurse Call Datasheets
Focus: Staff Attack Alarm
Fusion-IP Codemlon Overview Datasheet
75945 8-Way Power-over-Ethernet Switch
100242 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
100243 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
100244 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
100245 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
100246 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
100310 FusionWare Rack Mounted Server
75801B Mini Hand Unit
Focus: Lnx third-party task integration
UHDB Queens Burton Case Study
South Louth Case Study
University Hospital Ayr Case Study
75834B Patient Hand Unit
75802B Patient Hand Unit Speech
75819B Patient Hand Unit Speech
75823B Patient Hand Unit Speech
75832B Patient Hand Unit Speech
75835B Patient Hand Unit Speech
75824B Staff Hand Unit
75809W Bedhead Unit No Mains
75808W Bedhead Unit No Mains
100275 Bedhead Unit No Speech
100278 Bedhead Unit No Speech
100360 Bedhead Unit Codem2 Conversion
100276 Bedhead Unit Speech
100277 Bedhead Unit Speech
75744W Reset Unit
75743W Reset Emergency Unit
75741W Reset Jack Unit
75740W Reset Emergency Jack Unit
75742W Call Reset Unit
75745W Call Reset Emergency Unit
75739W Emergency Reassurance Unit
75762W Staff Presence Unit
75827W LCD Touch Screen Indicator
75828W LCD Touch Screen Indicator
75750W Tone Sounder Unit
75747W Lamp Tone Switch Unit
75746W Lamp Tone Unit
75716W Signal Repeater Unit
42503W Power Supply Unit
42508W Power Supply Unit
75791W Network Interface Unit
75872B Datastation Interface Unit
74864 Fusion IP Power Supply Charger Unit
100091 Platform Independent Control Unit Nurse Call Power Supply
100607 Platform Independent Colour LCD Touch Screen Indicator
100811 Codem Rack
ALL - Lnx Datasheets
Lnx Remote Call Button
Lnx Connecting FINAL
Focus: Lnx third-party task integration
100063 - Lnx Connect Unit
100461 - Lnx Hand Unit, Entertainment & 2 Bedlights
100462 - Lnx Mini Hand Unit, 2 Bedlights
100463 - Lnx Hand Unit, Speech, 2 Bedlights & Catering Call
100464 - Lnx Hand Unit, IP Speech, Entertainment and 2 Bedlight Buttons
100612 - Lnx Remote Call Fob
Lnx Recommended Battery Manufacturer
100497 - Lnx Floor Pressure Mat with 3.5mm Jack Plug
Focus Leaflet - Disabled Toilet Call
2 Years System Warranty
2 Years 'Return-to-base' SmartSync Equipment Warranty
12 Months System Warranty
12 Months Return-to-base Equipment Spares Warranty
6 Months Equipment Warranty (SSG In-house Repairs)
5 Years' Hand Unit Warranty
100413 Attack Alarm High-Frequency Infra-Red Staff Fob (Transmitter)
Focus: Ultima and Codemlon Staff Attack Alarm Systems
100414 Attack Alarm Reset Fob
100422 Attack Alarm Infra-Red Patient Call Fob (Transmitter)
100347 Attack Alarm High-Frequency Infra-Red Receiver Unit (Elpas Head)
100508 Attack Alarm High-Frequency Infra-Red Receiver Unit
100396 Attack Alarm External Infra-Red Receiver Unit
100457 Attack Alarm Transmitter Test Station
Healthcare Systems Support & Maintenance Care Options
Fire Alarm Systems Support & Maintenance Care Options
Custodial Alarm Systems Support & Maintenance Care Options
42010 Alarm Bell Weatherproof
42026 Alarm Bell
42047 Klazon Sonos Sounder
42048 Klazon Sonos Beacon
42049 Klaxon Sonos Sounder Beacon
81258 Beam Detector
81282 Manual Call Point
83000 Door Retainer DRW-L
83003 Door Retainer - DRW-M
83004 Floor Mounting Bracket
83007 Door Closer
83016 Door Release Power Supply
Focus: Fusion Healthcare Platform
CenTrak-Real Time Location
Design and Innovation Centre
Focus: Legacy System Upgrades
Solihull Hospital Fire Case Study
Wexham Park Case Study
Leeds General Infirmary Healthcare Case Study
Musgrove Park Healthcare Case Study
South Glasgow Hospital Healthcare Case Study
South Louth Healthcare Case Study
Spire Nottingham Healthcare Case Study
UHDB Queens Burton Hospital Healthcare Case Study
University Hospital Ayr Healthcare Case Study
Focus: Nurse Call Patient Hand Units
Solihull Hospital Fire Alarm Case Study
Royal Papworth Fire Case Study
81203 XPERT7 Intelligent Mounting Base
81207 Isolator and Isolator Base
81208 Isolator and Isolator Base
81211 MiniDisc Remote Indicator
81227 Discovery Optical Smoke Detector
81227-005P Discovery Carbon Monoxide Detector
81228 Discovery Heat Detector
81229 Discovery Optical Heat Multisensor Detector
81234 Intelligent DIN-Rail Switch Monitor
81235 Intelligent DIN-Rail Input Output Unit
81236 DIN-Rail Dual Isolator
81237 DIN-Rail Sounder Controller 5 Amperes
81238 Intelligent Mains Switching Input Output Unit
81240 Intelligent DIN-Rail Input Output Unit
81241 Multi Tone Open-Area Alarm Devices
81242 Multi Tone Open-Area Alarm Devices
81243 Loop-Powered Visual Indicator
81243-002P Loop-Powered Visual Indicator
81244 XP95 DIN-Rail Zone Monitor with Isolator
81245 Ceiling Tile Mounting Box
81246 Ceiling Tile Mounting Box
81249 Integrated Base Sounder
81250 Sounder Beacon Bases
81251 Multi-Tone Open-Area Alarm Devices
81252 Multi-Tone Open-Area Alarm Devices
81255 Loop-Powered Visual Indicator Base
81258-005P Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
81279 Open-Area Alarm Devices
81280 Open-Area Alarm Devices
81281 Open-Area Alarm Devices
100024 Intelligent Manual Call Point
100475 XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base
100476 Soteria Heat Detector Non-Isolated
100478 Soteria Optical Smoke Detector Non-Isolated
100479 Soteria Optical Heat Multisensor Detector Non-Isolated
100480 Soteria Heat Detector Isolated
100481 Soteria Optical Smoke Detector Isolated
100482 Soteria Optical Heat Multisensor Detector Isolated
100525 Intelligent Switch Monitor
Evo Networking
Focus: Fusion Healthcare Platform
Fusion Helathcare Platform Animated
HCE 2019 Event
Vision and Values
CNC machine, Bending, Welding and Lazering
PCB design, PCB manufacture
PCB design
PCB manufacture
Trunking Design
Product Testing
Systems Engineering
Trunking Manufacture
Terms and Conditions of Sale (B)
Standard Maintenance Terms and Conditions (A)
Modus Brochure
Ventura Brochure
60011 Evo600 Two Loop Control Panel
Evo2 Product Manual
81228-004P Conventional Waterproof Heat Detector
60012 110V Control Panel
100448 4 Loop Panel
100636 Analogue Addressable Manual Call Point with Short Circuit Isolator
100449 2 Loop Panel
100636-001P Firewave Wireless Resettable Manual Call Point
100637 Intelligent Optical Smoke Sensor
100450 Power Supply Unit 1.5 Amp
100451 Ad Net Ad Netplus Network Cards
100638 Intelligent Analogue Multi-Heat Sensor with SCI
100452 Remote Control Terminal
100639 Intelligent Analogue Mains Relay Controller SCI
60001 Evo600 Single Loop Control Panel
100453 Remote Display Terminal
100639-001P Firewave Wireless Translator Module
100454 Power Supply Units
100639-002P Firewave Wireless Expander Module
100488 2-8 Loop Panel
100639-003P Firewave Wireless Powered Output Module
100641 Intelligent Hinged Cover for Call Point
100642 Intelligent Analogue Common Mounting Base
100643 Intelligent Analogue Wall Sounder Beacon
100643-001P Intelligent Addressable Loop-Powered Ceiling Beacon
100644 Intelligent Analogue Addressable Base Sounder Beacon
100644-001P Firewave Wireless Base Sounder Beacon (VID)
100645 Intelligent Weatherproof Analogue Addressable Manual Call Point with Short Circuit Isolator
100646 Intelligent Sounder and Beacon Weatherproofing Kit (red)
100647 Intelligent Analogue Sounder Mounting Base
100648 Intelligent Device Address Programmer
100649 Intelligent Analogue Addressable Base Sounder
100649-002P Intelligent Analogue Wall Sounder
100649-003P Firewave Wireless Base Sounder
100686 Intelligent Analogue Multi-Sensor
100754 Intelligent Call Point Surface Mounting Box
199904-206P Duct Probe Housing
199904-216P Firewave Wireless Survey Test Kit